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Evoplex is a fast, robust and extensible platform for developing agent-based models (ABM) and multi-agent systems (MAS) on networks. Each agent is represented as a node and interacts with its neighbors, as defined by the network structure.

Evoplex 0.2.0

Wait, another multi-agent system? Why not using something like MASON or NetLogo? Yes, there are hundreds of options out there, but I bet none of them can do what Evoplex does!

In fact, most of the existing pieces of software are not good enough. Main issues include: really old technologies, unmaintained code, inflexibility, poor performance and others. Thus, over the last years, people often prefer to develop their own solutions from scratch. However, we know that reinventing the wheel is always time-consuming, expensive and usually a terrible strategy.

In this way, we decided to create Evoplex! An extremely fast, multi-threaded, user-friendly, cross-platform and truly modular application.

Evoplex was originally developed to tackle problems in the field of Evolutionary Computation and Complex Systems, and that's why we call it Evoplex. However, it has been used in a wide range of scenarios, including:

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Getting Started

Evoplex is cross-platform and is available for Linux, Windows and macOS.

Getting Involved

As an open-source project, we welcome new contributions from the community. There are many ways you can participate in the project, for example:

  • Review the documentation and make pull requests for anything from typos to new content
  • Report bugs and submit feature requests
  • Review source code changes
  • Add a new feature or change an existing one
  • Showcase your plugins

Please see the CONTRIBUTING file for details. Be aware that by contributing to the code base, you are agreeing that Evoplex may redistribute your work under our LICENSE. Please see also our Code of Conduct.


How to cite

If you use Evoplex in your publication, you can cite it as:

Cardinot, M., O’Riordan, C., Griffith, J., & Perc, M. (2019). Evoplex: A platform for agent-based modeling on networks. SoftwareX, 9, 199-204.

author = "Marcos Cardinot and Colm O’Riordan and Josephine Griffith and Matjaž Perc",
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volume = "9",
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The EvoplexCore library is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

The EvoplexGUI library is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.