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Only 838 Bytes to create a complete responsive Flex Layout: check the Demo and get the snippets for VSCode or play with it on Codepen!
New (v.2.0): reverse collapsing...


  • v.2.1 (17 february 2020): Optimisation (Total: 831 Bytes)
  • v.2.0 (11 february 2020): Addition of "reverse Collapse" (Total: 838 Bytes)
  • v.1.1 (1 february 2020): Addition of .acolfinal (Total: 662 Bytes)
  • v.1.0 (2 november 2019): First public version (637 Bytes)


/* APG-FLEX : v 2.1 (2020-02-17) - ©Philippe Gouillou ( - LGPL 3 */

.acontainer		{display:block;max-width:1170px;margin:0 auto!important}
.acolfinal		{padding:.5rem}

.arow 			{display:flex;margin:0;padding:0}

.browxl 		{display:flex}

@media(min-width:576px) 	{.arowsm{display:flex}.browsm{display:block}}
@media(min-width:768px) 	{.arowmd{display:flex}.browmd{display:block}}
@media(min-width:992px) 	{.arowlg{display:flex}.browlg{display:block}}
@media(min-width:1200px)	{.arowxl{display:flex}.browxl{display:block}}

.browxl>div	    {flex:1}

.flex2 			{flex:2!important}
.flex3 			{flex:3!important}
.flex4 			{flex:4!important}
.flex5 			{flex:5!important}
.flex6 			{flex:6!important}
.flex7 			{flex:7!important}
.flex8 			{flex:8!important}
.flex9 			{flex:9!important}
.flex10 		{flex:10!important}
.flex11 		{flex:11!important}
.flex12 		{flex:12!important}

Minified Code (838 Bytes)

.acontainer{display:block;max-width:1170px;margin:0 auto!important}.acolfinal{padding:.5rem}.arow{display:flex;margin:0;padding:0}.browlg,.browmd,.browsm,.browxl{display:flex}@media(min-width:576px){.arowsm{display:flex}.browsm{display:block}}@media(min-width:768px){.arowmd{display:flex}.browmd{display:block}}@media(min-width:992px){.arowlg{display:flex}.browlg{display:block}}@media(min-width:1200px){.arowxl{display:flex}.browxl{display:block}}.arow>div,.arowlg>div,.arowmd>div,.arowsm>div,.arowxl>div,.browlg>div,.browmd>div,.browsm>div,.browxl>div{flex:1}.flex2{flex:2!important}.flex3{flex:3!important}.flex4{flex:4!important}.flex5{flex:5!important}.flex6{flex:6!important}.flex7{flex:7!important}.flex8{flex:8!important}.flex9{flex:9!important}.flex10{flex:10!important}.flex11{flex:11!important}.flex12{flex:12!important}


  1. Just copy/paste the code above (regular or minified version) somewhere in your CSS file or download the regular (.css) or minified (.min.css) and link it in the header of your HTML file.
  2. Create your HTML according the following rules

Rem: The names of the CSS classes have been choosen to allow a perfect compatibility with Bootstrap (you can mix both).

How to use

Beware: it works the opposite of Bootstrap: you modify the row, not the column!

  1. For each row: indicate at which limit you want the columns to collapse or expand. A row is created by a div with one of the followings classes (example : <div class="arow">) :

    1. Collapse (usual behavior):
      • arow: never collapses
      • arowsm: collapses under 576px
      • arowmd: collapses under 768px
      • arowlg: collapses under 992px
      • arowxl: collapses under 1200px
    2. reverse Collapse (opposite behavior):
      • browsm: collapses over 576px
      • browmd: collapses over 768px
      • browlg: collapses over 992px
      • browxl: collapses over 1200px
  2. Inside the row, add one <div> per column (as much as you want: they will be evenly distributed)

  3. If needed, add to the column div one of the classes flex2 to flex12 to define its size (default = flex1; example <div class="flex2">)


  1. For Container (max width: 1070px and centered), add the class "acontainer" to a row (ex: <div class="arow acontainer">)

  2. A div is considered as a Flex Column if and only if it is directly under a arowXX or a browXX. You can change this behavior by using style (<div style="display: block;">):

    • arow : row
      • div : displayed as Flex (column)
        • div : displayed as Block (default behavior)
      • div : displayed as Flex (column)
  3. If you need to add a div

  4. For nesting, just remember that a column must exist in each row (see example below)

  5. Sizes are respective! (see example below)

  6. flex2...flex12 are optionals: suppress or modify them as needed

Simple Example

See the Demo

4 columns, the second one twice the size of the others (so a total size of 5) and containing 4 nested columns:

	<div class="arowsm">			<!-- Row collapsing at 576px -->  
		<div>flex: 1</div>		<!-- Column size 1/5 of the full width -->  
		<div class="flex2">		<!-- Column size 2/5 of the full width -->  
			<div class="arowlg">	<!-- Nested row collapsing at 992px-->  
				<div>flex: 1</div> <!-- Column size 1/4 of 2/5 = 1/10 of the full width -->  
				<div>			<!-- Column size 1/4 of 2/5 = 1/10 of the full width -->  
					<div>B</div>	<!-- Block (not a column!) -->  
				<div>flex: 1</div> <!-- Column size 1/4 of 2/5 = 1/10 of the full width -->  
				<div>flex: 1</div> <!-- Column size 1/4 of 2/5 = 1/10 of the full width -->  
		<div>flex: 1</div>		<!-- Column size 1/5 of the full width -->  
		<div>flex: 1</div>		<!-- Column size 1/5 of the full width -->  


Only 838 Bytes of CSS to create a responsive Flex Layout (now with invert collapse!)







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