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Evotion Coin

Why we Are more than good.

  1. We have 100,000,000 Coins total which is more than our forefather Evotion meaning a more wider spread and use of such a currency. Should we Acheive That.

  2. We believe we have solved the issue Evotion has by having Proof Of Stake run along side Proof Of Work From block 1000. The reason is we know the blockchain will slow down when the hash rate increases thus our plan of Proof Of Stake with block times 10 x faster than Proof of Works should mean our BlockChain never gets slow.

  3. There will be no messing around with the code for rewards EVER AGAIN. we want widespread use

  4. We will maintain the code but nothing to hype the coin only to better it's Technology. (We hope others join too like they have with Evotion)

  5. We will be stepping away as soon as enough are involved.


We believe it's best for The coin "Evotion EVO" itself and for all of us If no one single person has full control over the COIN and NETWORK.