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Evothings Studio Libraries

This repository contains libraries for mobile apps for the Internet of Things (IoT). Supported functionality include Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Eddystone. The libraries are bundled with Evothings Studio.


Folder structure:

    Programs for communicating with Arduino boards over TCP and BLE
    JavaScript libraries


Documentation for Evothings JavaScript libraries is available on the Evothings documentation web site.

To generate HTML documentation for Evothings JavaScript libraries yourself, you can install JSDoc and run the the following command in the root folder of this repository:

jsdoc -r ./libs/

Evothings example apps

Example apps that use the libraries in this repository are available in the evothings-examples repository, in folder generated/examples.

These example apps are included with Evothings Studio.

Documentation for example apps is available at the Evothings documentation web site.

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