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Evothings Studio

Evothings Studio is a tool for development of IoT enabled mobile apps in HTML5/JavaScript.


You are most welcome to visit to learn more and to download the latest stable version, or our beta-version of the upcoming release, or perhaps even a helmet-on-alpha-version. You will find tutorials, videos, documentation and a forum to help you develop mobile applications for IoT in JavaScript.

It is easy to get started! And we are online at to help out.

Building and running from source

Evothings Studio is an Electron application and can be easily built for Windows, OSX and Linux. We use electron-builder to produce our installers.

  1. Get required tools:
  • Make sure you have NodeJS installed which includes npm.
    • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: The regular nodejs is too old, use this instead. Also make sure you have git and unzip, get them with sudo apt-get install git unzip.
  • Make sure you have rpmbuild (for building Linux), on OSX it can be installed view Homebrew (brew install rpm).
  1. Clone this repository and enter it git clone && cd evothings-studio.

  2. Run npm install to get all needed npm dependencies for development and building.

  3. Run npm install app to get all needed npm dependencies for the application itself.

  4. Run the studio using npm start.

  5. On OSX (with several extra required tools installed) you can build all installers using ./ -a, you will find them in the dist directory. For Evothings employees: The -u option will also upload them to S3 if you have proper keys. :)


Evothings Studio is based on HyperReload.

Evothings are a seasoned bunch of developers who enjoy connecting phones to other things. We love to improve, refurbish, evolve and augment buildings, vehicles and gadgets, and make them smarter.