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Example application: Beacon Finder

Beacon Finder is an example app that finds and displays Estimote Beacons.

Discovery methods

There are three methods of discovery demonstrated by the app:

  • Scanning - beacon data (distance not available, uses CoreBluetooth discovery, only available on iOS)
  • Ranging - beacon data including distance (uses CoreLocation ranging on iOS, available also on Android)
  • Monitoring - region data (uses CoreLocation monitoring on iOS, available also on Android)

Different beacon properties are displayed depending on the method used. Monitoring displays region data.


Beacon Finder screenshot

How to build and run it?

This app has been tested with Apache Cordova. Start by installing Cordova on your computer. Installation instructions can be found in the Cordova documentation, and the Evothings Cordova documentation contains detailed step-by-step instructions.

When you have installed Cordova, do the following steps to build and run the example app.

Open a command window and go to the examples/beacon-finder directory, e.g.:

cd examples/beacon-finder

Add the Cordova whitelist plugin, this just needs to be done once:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-whitelist

Add the Estimote plugin, this just needs to be done once for every update of the plugin:

cordova plugin add

Add the platforms you wish to use (Android, iOS), this also only needs to be done once:

cordova platform add android
cordova platform add ios

To build and install the app on Android, use these commands:

cordova build android
adb install -r platforms/android/ant-build/BeaconFinder-debug.apk

To build and install the app on iOS, first build an Xcode project:

cordova build ios

Then open and run the generated project using Xcode: platforms/ios/BeaconFinder.xcodeproj

To reinstall the plugin (update to latest version) do:

cordova plugin rm pl.makingwaves.estimotebeacons
cordova plugin add