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Fim   File Integrity Manager

Fim manages the integrity of a complete file tree

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You can download Fim binary distributions from here


This tool is written in Java.

Fim is compiled using Java 8 and require Java 8 to run. You can download Java 8 from here.
You need at least Java 8 Standard Edition JRE. You can also use the OpenJDK 8.

Supported OS

Fim can be used on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows

They talked about it    Vérifier l’intégrité de très nombreux fichiers

Fim (File Integrity Manager) est un outil vraiment excellent qui permet de gérer l'intégrité de nombreux fichiers.
+ Lire la suite

English version   Verify the integrity of many files
Fim (File Integrity Manager) is a really great tool for managing the integrity of many files.
+ Read more    Fim (File Integrity Manager)

Fim (File Integrity Manager) est un outil open source qui vous permet de vérifier l'intégrité de tous vos fichiers après les avoir manipulés en lots.
+ Lire la suite pour Linux          + Lire la suite pour Windows

English version   Fim (File Integrity Manager) is an open source tool which allows you to check the integrity of all your files after have handled them bulk.
+ Read more for Linux          + Read more for Windows

Effacement des doublons et historique complet pour Fim 1.2.2

English version   Removing duplicates and full history for Fim 1.2.2

Focus sur les performances avec Fim 1.2.0

English version   Focus on performance with Fim 1.2.0

Fim 1.1.0

English version   Fim 1.1.0

Sortie de Fim 1.0.2, qui vérifie l'intégrité de vos fichiers

English version   Fim 1.0.2, which checks the integrity of your files


Created by Etienne Vrignaud                          My blog                          Twitter icon Follow @evrignaud