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  1. carrierwave-video-thumbnailer carrierwave-video-thumbnailer Public

    A thumbnailer plugin for Carrierwave that makes easy thumbnailing of your uploaded videos

    Ruby 93 44

  2. docker-machine-vscale docker-machine-vscale Public

    Vscale docker machine driver

    Go 27 6

  3. postcss-px-to-viewport postcss-px-to-viewport Public

    A plugin for PostCSS that generates viewport units (vw, vh, vmin, vmax) from pixel units. The best choice to create a scalable interface on different displays by one design size.

    JavaScript 2.9k 398

  4. flutter_audio flutter_audio Public

    A Flutter audio-plugin to playing and recording sounds

    Java 108 37

  5. normas normas Public

    Normal Lightweight Javascript Framework for server-side render compatible with Turbolinks

    JavaScript 31 1

  6. vscale_api vscale_api Public

    Api client for Vscale ( like godo

    Go 15 1


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