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A thumbnailer plugin for Carrierwave. It mixes into your uploader setup and makes easy thumbnailing of your uploaded videos. This software is quite an alpha right now so any kind of OpenSource collaboration is welcome.


Runs ffmpegthumbnailer with CLI keys provided by your configuration or just uses quite a reasonable ffmpegthumbnailer's defaults. See Examples section for details.


Here's a working example:

In your Rails app/uploaders/reel_uploader.rb:

class ReelUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base
  include CarrierWave::Video  # for your video processing
  include CarrierWave::Video::Thumbnailer

  version :thumb do
    process thumbnail: [{format: 'png', quality: 10, size: 192, strip: true, logger: Rails.logger}]
    def full_filename for_file
      png_name for_file, version_name

  def png_name for_file, version_name

Thumbnailer Options

The options are passed as a hash to the thumbnail processing callback as shown in the example. The options may be, according to ffmpegthumbnailer's manual:

  • format: 'jpg' or 'png' ('jpg' is the default).
  • quality: compression quality (1 to 10, default is 8).
  • size: thumbnail length in pixels (defaults to 128).
  • strip: movie film strip decoration (defaults to false).
  • seek: where to take the snapshot. May be specified as HH:MM:SS or X%. Defaults to 10%.
  • square: if set to true makes a square thumbnail regardless of an initial aspect ratio.
  • workaround: if set to true runs ffmpegthumbnailer in some safe mode (read man ffmpegthumbnailer for further explanations).
  • logger: an object behaving like Rails.logger (may be omitted).


ffmpegthumbnailer binary should be present on the PATH.


$ gem install carrierwave-video-thumbnailer


gem 'carrierwave-video-thumbnailer'

in your Gemfile.


If you'like to contribute to the code please note that we are now using A Successful Git Branching Model. So, please commit your changes to feature/* branches and make Pull Requests to the development branch. BTW you can install and use git flow Git plugin, too. Thanks in advance!


Huge Thanks to Rachel Heaton ( whose carrierwave-video gem has inspired me (and where I've borrowed some code as well).

Thanks to Evrone Web Laboratory which feeds me well enough (with the tasks of course) to do this job.


Copyright (c) 2012 Pavel Argentov Copyright (c) 2012

See LICENSE.txt for details.