Reusable Reactor extension for anchoring EVRYTHNG Actions in the adding OriginTrail blockchain. Part of EVRYTHNG's Blockchain Integration Hub.
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A Reactor extension script to verify or share EVRYTHNG Actions on the blockchain via the OriginTrail decentralized protocol.

The readme focuses on the basic parameters. To learn more, have a quick look at our OriginTrail Reactor Extension quickstart.


  • Get credentials for the OriginTrail node, and add them to main.js.
  • Create the OUTPUT_ACTION_TYPE (the default, or your choice) action type in the EVRYTHNG project.
  • Deploy this Reactor script in an application within that project, not forgetting to specify the dependencies in package.json.


The script will react to actions with a createOriginTrail=true custom field and will create a blockchain transaction for the action using the specified OriginTrail node.

EVRYTHNG offers managed blockchain nodes to its Enterprise customers. Our OriginTrail Enterprise nodes are accessible via Contact us if you would like to use these managed nodes.

In addition to the triggering custom field above, other fields should be specified to set the sender and receiver details in each OriginTrail transaction:

  • senderName - Sending company name.
  • senderEmail - Sending company email.
  • receiverName - Receiving company name.
  • receiverEmail - Receiving company email.

The result will include the transaction ID from the blockchain and will be added to a new confirmation action (as specified by RESULT_ACTION_TYPE).


Once the script is installed, test it by creating an action with the correct custom field specified on a Thng in the project's scope, for example:

  "type": "_ItemShipped",
  "thng": "UKn4wYKEYyQnc2aawGhytBfc",
  "customFields": {
    "createOriginTrail": true,
    "senderName": "EVRYTHNG",
    "senderEmail": "",
    "receiverName": "OriginTrail",
    "receiverEmail": ""

The resulting action created by the script will contain important information from the OriginTrail API:

  "id": "U5nHbb84reSPeGaRampWfpTk",
  "type": "_originTrailCertified",
  "thng": "UKn4wYKEYyQnc2aawGhytBfc",
  "createdAt": 1537872362453,
  "customFields": {
    "actionId": "U5mQKGDpnymBwQwRakyBqeYh",
    "ethereumWallet": "0xE1E9c537...",
    "originTrailImport": "0xd44182d1...",
    "originTrailUrl": ""
  "timestamp": 1537872362453,
  "location": {
    "latitude": 39.0481,
    "longitude": -77.4728,
    "position": {
      "type": "Point",
      "coordinates": [
  "locationSource": "geoIp",
  "createdByProject": "UnnGRADHBgswtKRwRE5HPpTk",
  "createdByApp": "U5H4wYb5y2xRhNwwa3cH9Nsa"