A Reactor script to send SMS via https://www.twilio.com/
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Reusable script for the EVRYTHNG Reactor that allows sending of SMS messages through the twilio NPM module.

The script itself requires only minimal changes - your Twilio Account SID, Auth Token, and Phone Number (available from the Twilio console). Once it is set up, creating an action of a specific type with the message details embedded within the action will cause Twilio to send an SMS.


  1. Open the Dashboard and create a project and application.
  2. Paste main.js from this repository as the application's Reactor script on the application page.
  3. Click 'Show dependencies' and set the dependencies in package.json.
  4. Save the new script using the 'Update' button.
  5. Create an action type called _sendSMS within the same project.


  1. Obtain your Account SID, Auth Token, and phone number from the Twilio console.
  2. Insert these in the installed Reactor script as ACCOUNT_SID, AUTH_TOKEN, and PHONE_NUMBER.


The script will send an SMS message when an EVRYTHNG action is created in the scope of the project of the _sendSMS type with the correct customFields:

  • customFields.to - The recipient SMS number.
  • customFields.body - The content of the SMS message.

Test by sending an HTTP request:

POST /actions/_sendSMS
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: $OPERATOR_API_KEY

  "type": "_sendSMS",
  "thng": "U4MhAkdaVD8atKwRaE4CVrYh",
  "customFields": {
    "to": "+447865784352",
    "message": "Hello from the EVRYTHNG Reactor!"

Use with Rules

A useful extension of this capability can be created by also deploying the reactor-rules Reactor script to allow sending of SMS messages when Thng properties meet certain conditions.

For example, when the temperature_celsius property exceeds a threshold the following rule could be set which would trigger this script to send an SMS:

  when: 'temperature_celsius > 100',
  create: [{
    action: {
      type: '_sendSMS',
      customFields: {
        to: '+447865784352',
        message: 'Temperature exceeded acceptable levels!'