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Boilerplate for loading up Node API's
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Express REST API Boilerplate

Getting Started

The actual REST API server source code is located under src/app. The REST API server currently is deployed in Heroku


To run the app on local environment just follow this steps:

  1. Import the MySQL dump to your local MySQL server, the MySQL dump is located on src/database/express-api-boilerplate-dev.sql

  2. Start the app by run server, go to directory src/app/ and run foreman start


REST API documentations is located on

Continuous Integration

This project is setup through CircleCI. Build Status Images will be added soon.


Test is located under test. Currently, the test is only covering the REST API end point test. To run the test follow this steps:

  1. Setup the environment by run this command export NODE_ENV=testing. Currently, the test runner is only run best in Ubuntu 12.10.

  2. Start the MySQL database with database name circle_test, username ubuntu and leave the password empty.

  3. Run npm test

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