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TacoFancy API

Making an API for

Main endpoint

The main endpoint for the API exists at:

Visiting that page will also get you a random taco.

Use this data

If you’d like to take advantage of the API that was put together for this, I added a CORS header to these paths so that you can load them from a javascript app anywhere on the internet.

Random Taco



will get you a random Base Layer, Mixin, Condiment, Seasoning and Shell. To just get a random full taco recipe, call it thusly:



If you’d like to get info about the contributors for a certain recipe, you can call this endpoint:


So to get the contributors for the Delengua (Beef Tounge) Base Layer, do this:


Valid layer types are: base_layers, mixins, seasonings, condiments and shells. To get a mapping of slugs for a given recipe type call this:



If you’d like to see who has made what contributions to which recipes, call this:


So, to get all of Dan Sinker’s contributions, call this:


To get a listing of all contributors and their usernames, call:


Want to help?

This whole this is a relatively rudimentary Flask setup. After you pip install the requirements, you should be able to visit /cook/ to get a DB together. The Flask app is looking for an environmental variable DATABASE_URL to tell it how to connect to the database. Depending on what backend you’re using, you might need to actually create the database, etc before it’ll work. I developed this with sqlite but you should be able to use any backend that SQLAlchemy supports.

You’ll also need to set GITHUB_TOKEN as an environment variable. This is a OAuth Token for the Github API. You can read more about how to get that going here