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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
import antlr3
from antlr3.tree import CommonTree
from ValueChangeDumpLexer import ValueChangeDumpLexer, EOF
from ValueChangeDumpParser import ValueChangeDumpParser
from InterpretVCDHeader import InterpretVCDHeader
from VCDSimulation import VCDSimulation
class VCDContext:
def __init__(self, dict, verbose_changes=False):
self.defns = dict = None
self.verbose_changes = verbose_changes
self.values = {}
self.ref_to_idcode = {}
self.watchers = {}
for id_code in self.defns.keys():
self.values[id_code] = None
self.watchers[id_code] = []
ref = self.defns[id_code]['ref']
self.ref_to_idcode[ref] = id_code
def note_time(self, time): = time
def __common_change(self, id_code, new_value):
varinfo = self.defns[id_code]
ref = varinfo['ref']
old_value = self.values[id_code]
if ((old_value is None) or (new_value != old_value)):
for obs in self.watchers[id_code]:
obs(,id_code,ref,old_value, new_value, (old_value is None))
return old_value
def scalar_change(self, id_code, newvalue):
old_value = self.__common_change(id_code,newvalue)
if self.verbose_changes:
ref = self.defns[id_code]['ref']
print "%7d Scalar: %s: %s -> %s\t%s" % (, id_code, old_value, newvalue,ref)
def vector_change(self, id_code, newvalue):
extended_value = self.__extend_vec(id_code,newvalue)
old_value = self.__common_change(id_code,extended_value)
if self.verbose_changes:
ref = self.defns[id_code]['ref']
print "%7d Vector: %s: %s -> %s\t%s" % (, id_code, old_value, extended_value, ref)
##print"\t %s --> %s" % (newvalue, extended_value)
def __extend_vec(self, id_code, value_str):
"Based on Donald 'Paddy' McCarthy's vcd_reader"
extend_digits = self.defns[id_code]['size'] - len(value_str)
if extend_digits:
value_str = ('0' if value_str[0]=='1'
else value_str[0])*extend_digits + value_str
return value_str
def reg_by_name(self, ref, observer):
id_code = self.ref_to_idcode[ref]
def antlr_setup(file):
char_stream = antlr3.ANTLRInputStream(file)
lexer = ValueChangeDumpLexer(char_stream)
tokens = antlr3.CommonTokenStream(lexer)
parser = ValueChangeDumpParser(tokens)
return (parser, tokens)
def process_header(parser, tokenStream):
r = parser.vcd_header()
# this is the root of the AST
root = r.tree
nodes = antlr3.tree.CommonTreeNodeStream(root)
h = InterpretVCDHeader(nodes)
result = h.vcd_header()
return result
def process_body(parser, tokenStream, context):
while True:
r = parser.simulation_command()
# this is the root of the AST
if r.tree is None:
if (r.tree.type == antlr3.INVALID_TOKEN_TYPE):
print "Invalid token -- done?"
#print r.tree.text
# this is the root of the AST
root = r.tree
nodes = antlr3.tree.CommonTreeNodeStream(root)
sim = VCDSimulation(nodes)
result = sim.simulation_command(context)
#print result
class AntlrVCD:
"A very thin wrapper for the parsing functions in this file"
def __init__(self, file):
self.parser, self.tokens = antlr_setup(file)
self.dict = process_header(self.parser, self.tokens)
self.context = VCDContext(self.dict)
def reg_by_name(self, name, observer):
self.context.reg_by_name(name, observer)
def go(self):
process_body(self.parser, self.tokens, self.context)
def getContext(self):
return self.context
def main(args):
foo = AntlrVCD(sys.stdin)
# parser, tokens = antlr_setup(sys.stdin)
# dict = process_header(parser, tokens)
# print dict
# process_body(parser, tokens, dict)
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':