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SCons (make-like) scripts for building FPGA code with Xilinx tools
Python Tcl
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This is a very rudimentary SCons build script for Verilog code using
the Xilinx ISE tools.

This software and accompanying documentation are Copyright 2011,
Carnegie Mellon University.  Redistribution rights are granted
according to the "FreeBSD license" as described in the accompanying
file "LICENSE".

Currently, the ISE installlation paths and a large number of the tool
command-line parameters are hard-coded.  Unless your project exactly matches
mine, it's pretty likely that you'll need to update these.

The easiest way to use this package is to place all of these files in
a subdirectory of your site_dir (let's call it "fpga" because
xilinx-build-scripts is not a valid python module name), and then call
"import fpga.xilinx" in your SConsctruct file.  Right now, this is
very dirty, and lots of code will be executed at the import point, not
just made available to call later.  Caveat emptor
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