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Gather your own personal twitter archive using node.js and mongodb, includes collector and basic web interface
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Personal Twitter Archive

This is just enough info to get you up and running.

Alpha Software

This master branch contains the latest code, which is still fairly unstable and flakey. It does work, but I can''t promise much more.


First, you need MongoDB running locally, then run

git clone
cd Personal-Twitter-Archive

Edit the app.js file to contain your username then run

node app.js &

However, note that github tarballs do not contain submodules, so those won't work. You'll have to also fetch the appropriate submodules.

Once everything starts cleanly

Point your web browser to the server running app.js on port 3000, e.g.

The code also works correctly on CloudFoundry, just bind a MongoDB service to your app and it will automatically detect the MongoDB username and URL to use

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