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API used for communication with eWay-CRM web service. It is a wrapper over HTTP/S communication and sessions. See our documentation for more information.


The simpliest way to start using this library is to get the NuGet Package. To do that, just run this command in your Package Manager Console (Visual Studio: Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Console):

PM> Install-Package eWayCRM.API


This library wraps the communication with JSON API. To provide the most variability, it lets you to input JSON data and fetch JSON data. For JSON representation, we have chosen the NewtonSoft.Json/Json.NET library. As a consequence, be sure to have using Newtonsoft.Json.Linq; everywhere you need to work with our library.

The actual usage is then the same as it would be for example with PHP. See the documentation for more.

Establishing connection

To communicate with eWay-CRM web service, we first have to establish connection. This must be done prior to every action we want to accomplish with use of the web service. To do that, we have to create new instance of Connection with four parameters: service url address (same as the one you use in outlook), username, password and application identifier. Identifier is bound to application and its version. It must contain number at its end.

Connection wcfConnection = new Connection(

Actions at the service

You can check actions available on your service on [service adress]/WcfService/Service.svc/help . We have put together a list of examples for some basic actions you can use the service for, so don't be shy an try it out.

Create new company

Example showcasing creation of new Company.
Sample code here.

Edit existing company

Example showcasing editing existing Company.
Sample code here.

List all companies

Example showcasing listing of all existing Companies.
Sample code here.

Search for company

Example showcasing serching for Company by parameters.
Sample code here.

Delete company

Example showcasing deletion of Company.
Sample code here.

Link existing item

Example showcasing creation of simple relation.
Sample code here.

Create document

Example showcasing creation of document.
Sample code here.

Additional fields

Example showcasing manipulation with additional fields.
Sample code here.

Folder name

To ease understanding folder names, look here.


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