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// Load API
require_once ('../../eway.class.php');
// Variable for our output
$table = '<style type="text/css">
table {
border-collapse: collapse;
th, td {
padding: 15px;
text-align: left;
tr:nth-child(even) {background-color: #f2f2f2;}
// Known company name
$company_name = 'Chemel & Peterson LLC';
// Connect to API
$connector = new eWayConnector('', 'api', 'ApiTrial@eWay-CRM');
// Get data of the company ("true" parameter determines wether we get relation data of searched company)
$object = $connector->searchCompanies(array('FileAs' => $company_name), true);
// Open <table> tag for our output
$table .= '<table align="center">';
// Head of our output table
$table .= '<tr>
<td style="border: 1px solid black;"><b>Name</b></td>
<td style="border: 1px solid black;"><b>Address</b></td>
<td style="border: 1px solid black;"><b>Telephone</b></td>
<td style="border: 1px solid black;"><b>Email</b></td>
// Container for GUIDS
$contactsGUIDS = array();
// List through company relations (relations are actualy on 3rd depth of $object)
foreach ($object->Data[0]->Relations as $key => $relation)
// We are looking for relation which is labeled GENERAL or COMPANY and is leding to Contact
if (($relation->RelationType === 'GENERAL' || $relation->RelationType === 'COMPANY') && $relation->ForeignFolderName === 'Contacts')
// Store the GUID of the contact
array_push($contactsGUIDS, $relation->ForeignItemGUID);
// Get data of contacts
$contacts = $connector->getContactsByItemGuids($contactsGUIDS, true);
// List through contacts (data itself are on 2nd depth of object)
foreach ($contacts->Data as $contact)
$table .= '<tr>'; // Open new table row
// Put the contact information we want into table cells
$table .= '<td style="border: 1px solid black;">'.$contact->FirstName.' '.$contact->LastName.'</td>
<td style="border: 1px solid black;">'.$contact->BusinessAddressCity.'<br>'.$contact->BusinessAddressStreet.' '.$contact->BusinessAddressPostalCode.'</td>
<td style="border: 1px solid black;">'.$contact->TelephoneNumber1.'</td>
<td style="border: 1px solid black;">'.$contact->Email1Address.'</td>';
$table .= '</tr>'; // Close the table row
// Close the <table> tags
$table .= '</table>';
// Show the table with output
echo $table;
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