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Using this data source users are able to build reports in PowerBI using data from eWay-CRM.

Install Connector

To get started you need to first create [Documents]\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors directory.

After that download the latest version of the eWay-CRM Data Source into [Documents]\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors directory.

As soon as you start PowerBI Desktop you will notice a warning about Uncertified Connectors.


To get rid of this warning you need to modify security settings as displayed on the picture below. Go to Security tab in the Options dialog. After you apply the changes restart Power BI Desktop.


Get Data

As soon as eWay-CRM Data Connector is installed start PowerBI Desktop again and click on the Get Data.

Locate eWay-CRM in the data sources.


Fill in your eWay-CRM credentials. Password has to be hashed using MD5. You can use our tool MD5 Generator to create the hash.


After that Navigator menu will appear with all supported tables.

Select required tables and click Load.