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VSRotatingView is an UIView enhancement which provides you a 360 degree rotating scroller.


1. Easy to use, just like normal UIView.
2. Fully customizable
3. Optimized for different resolutions, including iPhone, iPad and iPhone 4 (Retina Display)


Very similar to UIView. For VSRotatingView, you can initialize with "new" method:

    VSRotatingView *rv = [VSRotatingView new];
    [view addSubview:rv];

Initial Steps:
1. Download and add the complete "VSRotatingView" folder in your project.
2. You need to add two frameworks in your project - QuartzCore, AVFoundation and Security.
3. Add #import "VSRotatingView.h" to the top of view controller in which you are going to use the above code and you are ready to go.

Customizing this view is a lot simple. Variables could be modified in VSConstants.h to get desired functionality and the main image can be replaced easily with image named "pain-cycle.png". Complete code can be accessed in VSRotatingView.h/.m files and complete modification is possible.