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There are two main parts to WhirlyGlobe, (1) the main WhirlyGlobe API, (2) WhirlyGlobe Component.  The latter is built on top of the former, as you might expect

You probably want the Component.  It's a framework that lets you add an interactive 3D globe to your iPad or iPhone app.  The interface is entirely Objective-C and it's pretty easy to use.

To get the WhirlyGlobe Component, just head on over to the downloads area and grab the latest:

If you want to know more about the WhirlyGlobe Component, check out the announcement:

If you need to dig a bit deeper then take a look at the WhirlyGlobe API.  Just clone the repository and use the master branch.  You'll need a whole mess of support libraries as well.  Look at the notes file under WhirlyGlobeLib for details.

The old WhirlyGlobe 1.2 repo can be found on google code:

What is WhirlyGlobe?

WhirlyGlobe is a self contained 3D earth display view suitable for use in iPhone and iPad applications. The globe is rendered in OpenGL ES with a pageable quad tree texture and support for vector data overlays. It is intended as a (relatively) lightweight widget that can be dropped in to your app to do simple data overlay and interaction with a globe. It can also do more heavy duty data interaction if you want to use it as the centerpiece for a globe based app.