Panda runs to temple - a physics based game
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Panda runs to temple - a physics based game

Panda Run Screenshot

@he9qi Score show, we need animation for getting points!!

  • coin
  • when crazy, coin x 2
  • height, when reach a certain height.


  • make over image (transparent except the title) [done]
  • make panda shadow image [done, no need]


  1. TIPS!! [done]
  2. Beginning picture!!! [done]
  3. background mountains [done]
  4. dim background: cclayer alpha [done]
  5. flat in the end with grass [done]
  6. different viewlayer for pause over menu [done]
  7. Hit, good slide, crazy! [done]
  8. save score in internal iOS db [done, use NSUserDefaults]
  9. quit game (change quit button to some other buttons likemore or credit [done, removed quit button]



  • terrain texture mapping
  • far mountain texture mapping
  • Cloud
  • Pause
  • flying leaves


  • think about how game ends
  • Particle Effects
  • Sounds
  • Score