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This is an experimental driver for the Lenovo ThinkPad SL
series, since those laptops are currently not supported by
the thinkpad_acpi driver.
Works: hotkeys, bluetooth, the Lenovo Care LED, the fan
Experimental: backlight brightness, WWAN
Not tested: UWB
Not implemented: hdaps accelerometer
NB: to make the Lenovo Care LED blink, make sure the LED timer
trigger is enabled (CONFIG_LEDS_TRIGGERS_TIMER) and do
echo "timer" > /sys/class/leds/lensl::lenovocare/trigger
The backlight brightness control is useful because the SL
series use the ACPI brightness API in a non-standard manner,
causing buggy behavior with the standard ACPI video module
backlight control.
To enable the brightness control, load the module with the
"control_backlight=1" module parameter (i.e.
insmod lenovo-sl-laptop.ko control_backlight=1 )
Note that the brightness control will likely conflict with
the ACPI video driver brightness control. So, if you have
the ACPI video driver loaded (and you probably do):
echo 0 > /sys/module/video/parameters/brightness_switch_enabled
insmod lenovo-sl-laptop.ko control_backlight=1
and then restart X.
Alternatively, you can try to use the "acpi_backlight=vendor"
kernel boot parameter (recognized by kernel versions 2.6.28
and higher).
Alternatively alternatively, simply unload the ACPI video
driver (rmmod video).
To build the module for your current kernel, run make.
Note that you will need to have the sources or headers for
your kernel in the correct location (depends on the distro).
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