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Python wrapper of xxhash
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Python wrapper of xxhash that supports concurrency and is packaged nicely for installation with pip/distribute.

The existing wrapper I could find used a static global hash context and wasn't packaged nicely for installation with Python package managers. This version fixes both those issues. The naming rearrangement is to avoid conflicts with the existing wrapper in python.

See for the original xxHash code.


The easiest way to use the hash function is the convenience function hashxx that returns the hash of the bytes of its parameters, and which will traverse tuples (even recursively).

from pyhashxx import hashxx
hashxx(b'Hello World!')
hashxx(b'Hello', b' ', b'World!')
hashxx((b'Hello', b' ', b'World!'))
hashxx((b'Hello', b' '), (b'World!',))
# All return 198612872
hashxx(b'Hello World!', seed=1)
# Changing the seed changes the result to 2212595744

You can also use the Hashxx class to compute the hash incrementally, and extract intermediate digest values:

from pyhashxx import Hashxx
hasher = Hashxx(seed=0) # seed is optional
hasher.update(b' ')
print(hasher.digest()) # Prints 1401757748
print(hasher.digest()) # Prints 198612872

See the examples/ directory for more, including a script testing performance.


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