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finalfit 0.9.0

  • or_plot() bug fix
  • ff_remove_ref() added. #12
  • glmmixed() and lmmixed() now support random gradient models, and all complex lme4 specifications.
  • Data preparation vignette added.

finalfit 0.8.9

  • ff_plot() added
  • coefficient_plot() added
  • variable_type() added
  • Compatibility for future shinyfit started.
  • ff_relabel() added.
  • Error added to finalfit() for not-allowed colons (:) in factor levels. #10

finalfit 0.8.8

  • ff_glimpse() re-written to remove psych dependency
  • missing_glimpse() added: single data frame describing all variables and missing values
  • ff_interaction() added: create variable for an interaction between two factors
  • ff_label() added: easily add label to variable in dataframe
  • ff_newdata() modified to take dataframe without requirement for dependent and explanatory arguments
  • summary_factorlist() modified to allow user to change number of unique factor levels at which a variable a continuous variable is converted to a factor (cont_cut). #9
  • fit2df() and its internal function extract_fit modified to take confint_type and confint_level.

finalfit 0.8.7

  • New vignettes
  • pkgdown website support
  • missing_predictorMatrix() added for use with mice

finalfit 0.8.6

  • Bug fix

finalfit 0.8.5

  • Extended missing data functions added

finalfit 0.8.4

  • Bootstrap simulation functions added

finalfit 0.8.3

  • Bug fix

finalfit 0.8.2

  • Missing data functions added

finalfit 0.8.1

Bug fixes

  • lmuni(), lmmulti(), lmmixed(), glmuni(), glmmulti(), glmmixed(), coxphuni(), coxphmulti()

New functions

  • metrics_hoslem() is the first of a number of 'metrics' functions which will be introduced.

finalfit 0.7.8

  • First CRAN release