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A collection of Gradle plugins
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EWERK Gradle Plugins

NOTE: The plugins are currently not compatible to Gradle 5+ and have not been tested with a JDK higher than 1.8. Currently a lot of issues arise related to using the plugins with Gradle 5+. There are plans to adopt the plugins to the newest Gradle API but time is lacking. Help is pretty much appreciated. Please see


This repository was introduced in order to use the Github/Gradle Plugin Portal capabilities for publishing open source Gradle plugins and using them with the new plugin declaration syntax introduced in Gradle 2.1.

The plugins are released using the plugin-publish plugin. Prior to the actual publication process, the plugins were hosted at Bintray organizational account 'ewerk'. This account and all associated repositories have been deleted, as the plugins are now directly hosted at the plugin portal itself.

The plugins are designed around Java language support. At the time being a lot of issues are raised regarding Groovy language support, which is not intended. The plugins may become compatible in the future, therefore help is very appreciated.

Gradle compatibility

Plugin ≥ 2.1 ≥ 3.3 ≥ 5.0
annotation-processor-plugin ≤1.0.3 ≥1.0.4 ø
artifactory-deb-publish-plugin ≤1.0.1 ≥1.0.2 ø
auto-value-plugin ≤1.0.7 ≥1.0.8 ø
dagger-plugin ≤1.0.7 ≥1.0.8 ø
integration-test-plugin ≤1.0.8 ≥1.0.9 ø
jaxb2-plugin ≤1.0.2 ≥1.0.3 ø
querydsl-plugin ≤1.0.7 ≥1.0.8 INCUBATING


Please have a look at the Samples providing code examples on how to use the plugins.

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