script managing and developing framework for Autohotkey - heavily WIP! please wait for an anouncement.
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Script managing and developing framework for Autohotkey with PySide (Python/Qt) frontend.
See wiki for more information especially the page about setting you up.


  • Quite some stuff: New Element Dialog can now add to local module or globally and enlist in the display list. Unicode HotStrings start to work a bit. Keep crossing fingers! New Label element. I added some stuff to the gallery
  • animated gifs ftw! I created a gallery on imgur to make latest changes a little more visual. Something between a video and just writing a proper commit msg. I know I need to make videos! Please be patient! :]
  • package building 📦 works now! Using PyInstaller and some batch and py scripting we can now build self-containing a2 packages with no further dependencies. To do that of course there is now one more dependency: pip install PyInstaller. The milestone is coming closer!!
  • since there is no option for a default issue view backlog and wontfix issues have been "closed" for better overview (and looking like there is less todo). They are still there! That's why I put the links. When such an issue is tackled it will be opened again. When closed the wontfix or backlog label will be removed.
  • a2/a2.modules separation complete! There are still a lot of features to add but the main functionality is implemented: One can have multiple module sources and enable/disable them individually. You see there is a lot less Autohotkey code here now. See the a2.modules project for the standard ones.

a2 main loop layout:

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