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xEAC Installation and Usage Guide


The application can be deployed on any platform, but a stable Linux server distribution with a well-maintained package manager is recommended. Since the Harvester test server is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, the following instructions are specific to deploying in Ubuntu, but the steps apply generally to any platform capable of running the Apache Tomcat servlet container.

  1. Installing Tomcat
  2. Deploying Orbeon
  3. Cloning the xEAC Github Repository
  4. Deploying Solr
  5. Deploying eXist
  6. Tomcat Authentication (Optional, but recommended for production)
  7. Deploying Fuseki (Optional)

After following the preceding instructions, restart Tomcat. After the restart, proceed with the Instructions for the First Run of xEAC.


xEAC contains an administrative interface for creating, editing, and publishing EAC-CPF records and a public user interface delivered with Orbeon XPL pipelines. The public user interface at the moment includes an index and a browse page, derived from Solr search results. The individual record pages derived from EAC-CPF records in eXist XML database and serialized into HTML5 with Orbeon. Alternative serializations are available in other models.


  • Administrative Home
  • EAC-CPF Editor
  • xEAC Settings
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