Crane creates builds scripts so you don't have to
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Builds you into the pit of success

We hate writing build scripts and continuous integration (ci) templates every time we start a new project or when we work on a project that does not have them. I'm sure you do as well. This is where cranecomes in. Invoke crane and it can build you a blank project, complete with a build or you can get crane to assemble you a build on an existing project. No more messing around for hours on a build server!!


To install crane, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell: choco install crane choco install crane

Don't have chocolatey installed?

Please show me?

crane init SallyFx

This creates a new project called SallyFx in the current directory.

> crane init SallyFx

|   build.ps1
|       default.ps1
|       NuGet.exe
|       psake-ext.psm1
|       psake.ps1
|       psake.psm1
    |   SallyFx.sln
    |       packages.config
    |   |   Calculator.cs
    |   |   SallyFx.csproj
    |   |
    |   \---Properties
    |           AssemblyInfo.cs
        |   CalculatorFeature.cs
        |   packages.config
        |   SallyFx.UnitTests.csproj

You can now build this project...


Supported commands


init initializes a new project.


crane init SallyFx create a new project called 'SallyFx'

The default crane project is quite opinionated we have made lots of decisions. Here are the highlights:


  • psake powershell build system
  • restores nuget packages
  • patches your assembly info files with information from VERSION.txt and last git commit message, if it's a git repo
  • builds
  • runs unit tests

Project template

  • Solution file with
  • Class library
  • Unit test library
    • Using xbehave, EasyFakes, bdd style tests


help {command} lists required and optional parameters for commands


crane help init show help for the init command