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DOAP files

The links below should be directly to the location of the RDF files, so that tools can glean the information out (possibly via some GRDDL or some such.) Anyone is welcome (and encouraged) to take the list below or the DOAP links from the list the taskforce maintains and create their own view on the data.

Semantic Web Applications and demonstrators with DOAP files

DOAP database :

OpenLink Data Spaces - Platform for generating Semantic Web Presence from Wikis, Blogs, RSS/Atom Feeds, Photo Albums, Shared Bookmarks, Discussion Forums, WebDAV resources etc.. OpenLink Virtuoso - Hybrid Data Manager for SQL, XML, and RDF that includes SPARQL

Scutterplan: RDF list of DOAP files, scraped from the FOAF wik
SWED: Semantic Web Environmental Directory
Jena: Semantic web framework for Java
DaPynci - A python webgallery that uses RDF
BlogEd: A Simple Blog Editor that uses the Sesame RDF database
Oyster - Sharing and Re-using Ontologies in a Peer-to-Peer Community
DOAPamine Java 5 DOAP Annotations  - 

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