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A pure python reader for QR codes
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A pure python reader for QR codes. Made to be compatible to Python 2.7 to 3.6+.

We use the easy-to-install Pillow package to load the pictures, so lots of picture formats are supported.

Build Status


The package is a work in progress. It can currently decode right-side-up QR codes images generated on a computer (not pictures of printed codes).

Features left to be implemented:

  • QR data error correction (currently being researched and implemented)
  • image recognition to recognize QR codes in camera pictures

Usage  # source can be a file-like object, a PIL image, or a path to a local file

For example:

import qreader
from urllib.request import urlopen

url = ''
data =
print(data)  # prints "Version 2"

Any ideas or issues will be gladly received in the issues panel or by PMing me (ewino)

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