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This uses lit-element to create web components to style web pages.
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Base Elements Github Actions

This contains styled web components that are used to create websites. This project is in constant development and things will change around.


Please see the wiki to see how to use the components in a web page. While the Wiki is being created view the source of this file.


Install the npm modules after you have cloned the repo.

npm install

To run this in a dev environment just use webpack to build and watch the src. This folder is used to demo the components as well as develop the components.

npm run dev

Just serve the public/ folder from a standard http server, after you ran the command above. GitHub Pages will host the bundled version for demoing the master branch. For serving locally use Web Server for Chrome. Or you could install npm install -g serve and then run serve public/.


Currently the license for this project is No License.

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