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Docker Container for Crimson Insurance Demo

Deutsche Anleitung zum Starten des Beispiels

This project provides Docker containers for the Crimson demo, see . This project uses a fork of the original code

It consists of four services: portal, letter, notify claims and postbox.

To start run docker-compose up -d. This will also build the Docker images. For a detailed guide see How to run. is a running instance of the application that is deployed on Heroku.

The Docker containers should run on localhost. Otherwise set the environment variable CRIMSON_SERVER to the host the containers run on.

Points to note:

  • There are some customers - try Mei or Mül etc
  • The postbox is transcluded from the server running on port 3001
  • The link to write a letter or notify a claim will go to different applications (on port 3002 and 3003)
  • Behind the scenes a project with the shared assets ensure common UI elements.
  • The Postbox is written in Java / Spring Boot, the other projects in NodeJS.

This project is based on a very similar project by @mjansing and @moonglum .

The source code for the services can be found at:

The asset project is .