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Microservice Cloud Foundry Sample

Deutsche Anleitung zum Starten des Beispiels

This sample is like the sample for my Microservices Book (English / German) that you can find at https://github.com/ewolff/microservice .

However, this demo uses Cloud Foundry to run the microservices. As a PaaS it requires very little configuration to make the microservices work on this environment.

This project creates a complete micro service demo system with Cloud Foundry. The services are implemented in Java using Spring and Spring Cloud.

It uses three microservices:

  • Order to process orders.
  • Customer to handle customer data.
  • Catalog to handle the items in the catalog.

How to run

See How to run.

Remarks on the Code

The microservices are:

Note that the code has no dependencies on Cloud Foundry. Only Spring Cloud Hystrix is used to add resilience.