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Continuous Integration setup

This box sets up a playground for Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Artifactory and SonarQube. You need Vagrant installed on your computer to set it up. Optionally, installing the vagrant-cashier plugin might speed up subesequent creations of the box a lot, but it is not needed.

Running 'vagrant up' will install and setup all needed components. Notice that at the first execution, this may take quite a long time!

Afterwards, the following components are available:

  • Jenkins -> localhost:9191
  • Artifactory -> localhost:9292
  • SonarQube -> localhost:9393

Note: Due to changes since version 2 of Jenkins, security is enabled by default und you need to look up the initial admin password in the Jenkins home directory. To do so, run 'vagrant ssh' and inside the box, become the jenkins user via 'sudo su - jenkins' and run 'cat /var/lib/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword' to see the password.