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Telex anticensorship prototype
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Telex Anticensorship system

Telex is a new approach to circumventing Internet censorship that is
intended to help citizens of repressive governments access online services
and information freely. It involves placing anticensorship technology into
the Internet's core network infrastructure, through cooperation from large
ISPs. Telex can convert innocuous-looking connections that pass through
these ISPs into connections to a proxy server. Because of its position in
the network, Telex has no IP address for censors to block. 

Telex consists of two parts: a Telex station at the friendly ISP, and a 
telex-client that runs on the user's system. We have created a
proof-of-concept implementation, including a small demonstration "ISP"
running the Telex station.

For more information, see our website


The Telex client program accepts TCP connections from other software on
the local machine and tunnels them to services offered by the Telex
station. For our demonstration, we have configured the Telex station to
provide HTTP proxy service.

To build the telex-client from source, see the INSTALL file in the
telex-client directory.

Running telex-client
After installing Telex, run the client binary from the telex-client
directory (from a command prompt):

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./req/local/lib ./telex-client

Or for Windows:

To use Telex with your browser, change your browser's settings to use an
HTTP(S) proxy of port 8888.

Our public demonstration is limited to a few websites:
If you are a researcher requiring access to other sites, please contact us

WARNING: This software is an experimental prototype intended for
researchers. It does not provide strong security and is UNSAFE FOR
REAL-WORLD USE. For details of current limitations of our
proof-of-concept, please see telex-client/ISSUES.
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