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Abstract art using a neural net (CPPN)
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Real-time abstract art using a neural net (CPPN) in JavaScript with TensorFlow.js

This is essentially a compositional pattern-producing network (CPPN) except it makes abstract patterns instead of meaningful shapes. Inputs: pixel coordinates, mouse/touch coordinates, cos(time). Output: RGB values. Activations: sin, cos, tanh, linear. Weights: random.

(Architecture diagram generated by

Detailed explanation and live demo in my blog


TensorFlow.js utilizes WebGL to make calculations faster. It can also use CPU only, but you'll get much better framerates on a GPU-equipped device.


The following two resources introduced me to abstract art generation with CPPNs.

I "borrowed" the idea of using cos(time) to generate dynamic patterns, but implemented the CPPN in js from scratch on my own. The idea to use mouse/touch coordinates as additional inputs came from my friend, Igor Guzman. It was my idea to add selection of activation functions and amplitude sliders for additional interactivity.

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