PoC of system call hijacking using loadable kernel modules (LKMs)
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System call hijacking using loadable kernel modules


This is an example of how we hijack the open() system call using loadable kernel modules. By overriding the functionality of open within kernel-space, we are able to manipulate execution throughout the entirety of the system, hence making this a rootkit.

Compiling and Installing

The routine for overriding open(), new_open(), found within the hack_open.c file, is generic. The code only simply prints the contents of the arguments passed, but could definitely be modified for much more malicious purposes.

1. Set address of system call table

$ sudo cat /boot/System.map-`uname -r` | grep sys_call_table

Store the output of that into the unsigned long * sys_call_table variable in hack_open.c as a hexadecimal value type-coerced to unsigned long.

2. Compilation & Installation

make all
# Install kernel module
sudo insmod hack_open.ko
# Remove kernel module
rmmod hack_open

3. Test Example

make example