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BluezMove is a "copy" of which can be used on Linux.
With BluezMove, you can run script when your bluetooth devices are near or far.
When a device is detected (or is not longer detected), the scripts are run automatically.
The scripts could be written in python, ruby, C, bash, anything you want !

This project needs the following librairies to work :
	- libconfig
	- bluez

On Fedora you can install them easily with:
	yum install bluez-libs-devel libconfig libconfig-devel
For Ubuntu:
	apt-get install libconfig-dev libbluetooth-dev

	gcc main.c -lbluetooth -lconfig -W -Wall

When launching BluezMove for the first time, it will create an empty configuration file in $HOME/.bluezmove.
The default scanning delay is set to 20 seconds, it's harcored in the file, but will be add in config file soon.

You can add as many Start and Stop scripts as you want, but they need to be set as executable (chmod +x).

To add a script, just change the line as follow:
	Start = ["/home/user/"]; -> Start = ["/home/user/","/home/user/script1.rb"];

Enjoy and feel free to share your feedback