TL Compiler for Telegram project
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Java Telegram TL Compiler

Type Language compiler for working with api of Telegram project.

Converts json-representation of TL-scheme to jar with generated classes for serializing and deserializing api messages and methods.


Download latest version at releases page

Write in console: java -jar tl-builder.jar -in <path_to_definition> [-out <dest_folder>] [-package <package>]

  • <path_to_definition> - path to json file
  • <dest_folder> - destination folder for java-files and destination jar file
  • <package> - overriding java package name. Default: org.telegram.api

Generating api library

  1. Download latest release version of tl-core library at tl-core releases page, rename jar file to "tl-core.jar" and put to working folder.
  2. Get json-cheme of required api-level at and put it to same working folder.
  3. Run tl-builder on this files
  4. Add compiled tl-api.jar to your project

Prebuilded api libraries

You always could get actual versions of tl-api jars at releases page

More information

Type Language documentation



Telegraph project

Android Client that uses this library

Telegram S


Compiler uses MIT License