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Simple Slack bot for managing equipment shared amongst a group
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Manage shared equipment via a slack bot. Useful for a lab or anywhere a pool of shared equipment is used and you need to track down whether someone is currently using it (and who that person is).

Getting started

Install dependencies:

npm install

Edit config.json and add your Slack API token, and the name of the channel you want the bot to operate in (this must already be created). Then:

npm start

You'll need to manually invite the bot to the channel.

Using the bot

Use varations of:

  • help to get some help
  • using <name> to see who is using <name>
  • checkout <name> to checkout equipment called <name> and start using it
  • release <name> to release <name> from whoever is using it
  • create <name> to create a piece of equipment called <name>
  • delete <name> to delete <name> from the list
  • list to list all equipment
  • ``
  • set_note <name> <note> to apply the for equipment <name>
  • show_note <name> to show the note for equipment <name>
  • clear_note <name> to clear the note for equipment <name>
  • list_notes to list all notes for all equipment
  • ``
  • add_my_number <phone_number> to add a phone number for the user
  • clear_my_number <name> to clear the phone numbers for the user
  • list_phone_numbers or list_numbers to list all recorded user phone numbers

Equipment entries are stored persistently in equipment.json. Phone entries are stored persistently in phone_numbers.json.

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