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OutSpeech is a PowerShell module that provides functions Out-Speech and Export-Speech, and SpeechConfiguration management.
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OutSpeech is a PowerShell module inspired by inspired by and OutSpeech provides the following features:

  • An Out-Speech function for sending PowerShell output to the default audio device
  • An Export-Speech function for sending PowerShell output to wav file
  • Functions to Enable and Set Speech Configuration objects to use/re-use with Out-Speech, enabling the use of different configurations for output Rate, Volume, and Voice
  • Get-SpeechVoice function to enumerate the available voices installed on a system
  • a Disable-SpeechConfiguration function for cleanup of the Speech Configuration Object(s) used or created by OutSpeech.

How it Works

  1. Import the OutSpeech module into your PowerShell session
  2. Simple usage: 'Out-Speech "Hello, Dave"'
    • Out-Speech will create a Default SpeechConfiguration object
    • Out-Speech will re-use the Default SpeechConfiguration object if it exists
    • the DefaultSpeech object will have default voice, rate, and volume settings for your system (these can be overridden by the Rate, Volume, or Voice parameters of Out-Speech)
    • Out-Speech should speak the specified text
  3. More Advanced Usage:
    • create a speech object profile with Enable-SpeechConfiguration, specifying a ConfigurationName, a rate, a voice, and a volume setting to use
    • use the SpeechConfiguration Out-Speech by specifying the ConfigurationName
    • modify a SpeechConfiguration using Set-SpeechConfiguration
  4. A note about the rate, volume, and voice parameters when used with Out-Speech -When you use the Rate, Volume, or Voice parameters with Out-Speech the settings will persist on the SpeechConfiguration object specified (or the Default SpeechConfiguration)

Development Plans

Basic Usage Example

    Import-Module OutSpeech
    Out-Speech "Hello, Dave"
    Out-Speech "This is Microsoft Zira Desktop" -Rate 3 -Volume 90 -Voice "Microsoft Zira Desktop"

This is one of the default voices on my Windows 10 system, yours may vary depending on language packs/editions of Windows.

Advanced Usage Example

Configuring multiple SpeechConfigurations to use on demand. Passthru parameter allows you to view the resulting object.

    Import-Module OutSpeech -force
    Enable-SpeechConfiguration -ConfigurationName "DavidFastLoud" -Rate 3 -Voice "Microsoft David Desktop" -Volume 100
    Enable-SpeechConfiguration -ConfigurationName "ZiraSlowSoft" -Rate -1 -Voice "Microsoft Zira Desktop" -Volume 20
    Out-Speech -ConfigurationName ZiraSlowSoft -inputobject "I am speaking to you slowly and not very loudly" -Synchronous
    "I am speaking to you loudly and at a fast rate" | Out-Speech -ConfigurationName DavidFastLoud -Synchronous
    Set-SpeechConfiguration -ConfigurationName DavidFastLoud -Rate 10
    Out-Speech -inputobject "Now I am speaking to you at my maximum rate." -ConfigurationName DavidFastLoud
    Disable-SpeechConfiguration -ConfigurationName 'DavidFastLoud','ZiraSlowSoft'


OutSpeech is released under the MIT License

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