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      RAcing in baSH

 >>> Contents

 * Authors
 * Description
 * System requirements
 * Options
 * Notice
 * Important notice
 * TODO list
 * License
 * Contact

 >>> Authors

  Mirek Kratochvil,
  (because of UNIX course on MFF Charles' University in Prague)

 >>> Description

  This is a very simple racing game simulator for all Unices equipped with 
  Bash and terminal. You have a car, track with dangerous curves and some
  lame drivers which are constantly attempting to do bad stuff (crashes).
  You have 100%HP when you start. Driving on grass will decrease HP.
  Driving into other cars will decrease HP, as well. If you find yourself
  having 0%HP, you are dead and the race ends. Target is to drive as far
  as you can. (and please don't ask why)

 >>> System requirements

  You should have BASH installed, and run the game on vt-100 compatible
  terminal. This means RASH should run on most linuxes of non-historical
  versions. Tested (coded) on 2.6 linux, bash 3.1, in Eterm, Konsole and
  the linux framebuffer console. Minimal console size is 80x24 and please
  avoid resizing after Rash has started (well you'll see).

  NOTE: It's cooler if you have 'figlet' installed.

 >>> Options

  Please see `rash --help`

 >>> Notice

  Because of obvious Bash limitations, steering is not "analog" as you are
  probably used from other games, but more "switched". If you press [A]
  it starts to steer left, so when you feel like leftish-enough, press [W]. :]
  Of course, there's also a key for steering right known by all those who ever
  played Quake.

 >>> TODO list

  This is a list of some things I could add in the future (especially if I
  received that donation mentioned above):

   * Some collision/explosion effects - white&yellow stars should be sufficient
   * Improved controls (real non-blocking read?)
   * Improved difficulty calculation/interpretation
   * Mouse support (gpm hackoff?)
   * Sound effects ( /dev/dsp ? asynchronous aplay? )

  And what certainly *won't* be missing in next release: 

   * 3D Rendering

 >>> License

  This program is licensed under GNU General Public License v2. Make sure you
  have read and understood it before you run, use or modify the program.
  License is attached to this package in file 'LICENSE'. If you don't have it
  or it can't be correctly read, please mail FSF for it. Many copies should
  also be available on the Internet.