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> make
> make install
The 'make install' command can take some arguments:
prefix = global prefix for installation (default = $HOME)
libdir = directory where the libs should be installed (default = prefix/lib)
bindir = directory where the binaries should be installed (default = prefix/bin)
> make prefix=$HOME install # install in your home ($HOME/bin and $HOME/lib)
> make libdir=$PWD install # install bin in $HOME/bin, but use the development lib
Once install, you have 3 scripts:
> inject
> injectgraph
> injecthexdump
* inject:
Wrapper to preload the library again the program you want to run. You can specify
the ruleset file to use (default is $PWD/libinject.rules)
> inject -c myrules -- myprog with its arguments
You can refer to 'inject -h' to get help.
* injectgraph
Build a graph from the output of the 'log' action.
> injectgraph -h
* injecthexdump
Display content of the output of the 'dump' action.
> injecthexdump -h
* injectforgedump
Build a dump for usage with the 'replay' action
> injectforgedump -h
You can get information about ruleset syntax by generating doxygen documentation :
> make doc
And reading the content of the "Action rule", "Action action" and "Action condition" modules
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