Some scripts and tools to manage Example42 Puppet Modules
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Deprecation notice

This repo is no longer maintained.

Check example42 control-repo for a compete Puppet environment with relevant toolset.

Example 42 Tools

Here you find some scripts and scripts useful to manage Example42 modules

##= Example42 modules creation and management scripts

  • [] - Create a new module with default structure based on an existing template
  • [] - Create a project module based on module example42 with your $my_project name
  • [] - Executes the git commands to update the repository and all the submodules
  • [] - Runs checks on the current module. It requires rake, puppet (doc) and puppet-lint

##= Other scripts

  • [] - Gather OS related infos about a module (package) from the WebMin source configuration files
  • [] - Simple recursive find and replace script.
  • [] - Removes the non visible chars I often leave around with my Mac ;-)