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Deprecation notice

This module was designed for Puppet versions 2 and 3. It should work also on Puppet 4 but doesn't use any of its features.

The current Puppet 3 compatible codebase is no longer actively maintained by example42.

Still, Pull Requests that fix bugs or introduce backwards compatible features will be accepted.


Build Status

####Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Setup
  3. Usage


This module installs java (JDK + JRE) versions


###Setup Requirements


The main class is used only.

    class { 'java':
      jdk     => false, # default - whether to install the jdk or the jre only
      version => '6', # Java version to install


Pull requests (PR) and bug reports via GitHub are welcomed.

When submitting PR please follow these quidelines:

  • Provide puppet-lint compliant code
  • If possible provide rspec tests
  • Follow the module style and stdmod naming standards

When submitting bug report please include or link:

  • The Puppet code that triggers the error
  • The output of facter on the system where you try it
  • All the relevant error logs
  • Any other information useful to undestand the context