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Puppet module: vmware

# Written by Lab42 #

Licence: Apache2

This module installs and manages vmware server.
It's based on Example42's module structure and features standard and
extended classes for automatic monitoring, backup and firewalling.

All the variables used in this module are defined in the vmware::params class
(File: $MODULEPATH/vmware/manifests/params.pp). Here you can:
- Set default settings and filtering module's specific Users variables
- Add selectors for internal variables to adapt the module to different OSes
- Review and eventually change default settings for variables that affect the
  Example42 extended classes.

Customizations for different projects and logic on how to populate configuration
files should be placed in the $my_project classes.


# Standard Classes 
include vmware              # Install and run vmware 

include vmware::disable     # Disable vmware service.
include vmware::disableboot # Disable vmware service at boot time, but don't stop if is running.
include vmware::absent      # Remove vmware package.
include vmware::debug       # Used for debugging purposes (not resource hungry)
                         # Automatically included if $debug=yes
                         # Requires Example42's puppet::params and puppet::debug

# Extended Classes
include vmware::puppi       # Puppi extensions for the vmware module
                         # Requires Example42's puppi module
include vmware::monitor     # Monitor vmware
                         # Automatically included if $monitor=yes
                         # Requires Example42's monitor module
include vmware::backup      # Backup vmware data
                         # Automatically included if $backup=yes
                         # Requires Example42's backup module
include vmware::firewall    # Manages firewall rules for vmware service
                         # Automatically included if $firewall=yes
                         # Requires Example42's firewall module

# Generic define to set parameters in the main configuration file. EXPERIMENTAL.
vmware::conf { "ParameterName": value="YourValue"} # Generic 

# Module specific classes

# Module specific defines

Example42 modules collection uses some general variables that can influence the
behaviour of this module. You can happily live without considering or setting them,
but they can be useful to get many useful features out of the box.
$my_project - If set, permits you to alter and customize the module behaviour
  and files's deploy logic in custom project classes than can be placed in a separated module.   
$base_source - Lets you define an alternative source for static files:
  - $base_source not set -> Files are looked in puppet://$servername/ (the PuppetMaster)
  - $base_source set -> Files are in $base_source ( Ex: puppet://$servername/$my_module ) 
  Note that the module automatically manages the different paths for Puppet pre 0.25
$debug - If set to yes writes in /var/lib/puppet/debug/ useful debugging info

$puppi - Set to "yes" to enable vmware plugins for puppi
Check vmware/manifests/puppi.pp for more info.

$monitor - Set to "yes" to enable auto monitoring classes 
$monitor_tool - Defines the monitor tools to activate (At leat one, can be an array)
Check vmware/manifests/monitor.pp for more info on vmware monitoring related variables.

$backup - Set to "yes" to enable auto backuping classes 
$backup_tool - Defines the backup tools to activate (At leat one, can be an array)
Check vmware/manifests/backup.pp for more info on vmware backuping related variables.

$firewall - Set to "yes" to enable auto firewalling classes
$firewall_tool - Defines the firewall tools to activate
Check vmware/manifests/firewall.pp for more info on vmware firewalling related variables.

Standard classes generally don't need external modules.
Extended classes need the relevant external modules.
vmware::conf generic infile configuration define needs the Example42 "common" module

OPERATING SYSTEMS SUPPORT (Planned, Development, Testing, Production):
RedHat/Centos 5 : Testing
RedHat/Centos 6 : Testing
Debian 5        : Testing
Debian 6        : Planned
Ubuntu 8.04     : Testing
Ubuntu 10.04    : Testing
SLES 10         : Planned
SLES 11         : Testing
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