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Exanpe T5 Lib

Exanpe T5 Lib is a library of components design for the J2EE Tapestry 5 framework, developed by the Exanpe organization.

The purpose of this library is to provide additional components to Tapestry 5 as well as skinning the native components.

Our final purpose is to provide a fully harmonized set of components, ready to be included in your web application.

Easy to use and to integrate, this library target the real needs of any web application, taking a real care of possible application conflicts as well as depending on a minimal number of third party library !

The library is fully :

  • Integrated with Maven 2
  • Fully compatible with Tapestry 5.2+ and 5.3+

The following components are currently available in the library :

  • Accordion : Show/Hide some content with animation
  • AjaxLoader : Load a content with Ajax, displaying a loader icon
  • Authorize : Manage authorizations based on user's roles
  • Border : A simple skinned border
  • ColorPicker : Choose a Color and get it easily on the server side
  • GoogleMap : Show a GoogleMap and some points of interest, polylines or polygons
  • HideablePanel : Show/Hide a left side Panel
  • ListSorter : Sort a list of data using drag and drop
  • MenuBar and Menu components : Add one basic Menu bar or one multi level Horizontal Menu to you website
  • SecurePassword : Enter a Password without typing characters
  • Slider : Select a value on a range using a Slider
  • TabView : Organize your layout into a tab view
  • Tooltip : Display all kind of tooltips in your page
  • VerticalMenu : Add a sidebar menu on your website

Some mixins provide additional features to existing components:

  • AjaxValidation : Validate a textfield component with an Ajax request
  • Authorize : Manage authorizations based on user's roles
  • Dialog : Display a dialog to print information or confirmation on user action
  • PasswordStrengthChecker : Let your users valuate the strength of their passwords with a visual feedback
  • RichTextEditor : Display a textarea allowing rich HTML text content to be written
  • SelectLoader : Load select content options according to a first select component selection

Some features provide services on page classes:

  • Security : Use @Authorize annotation to restrict page/method access
  • Session : Use @ContextPageReset to reset some page information according to a specific context
  • Internationalization : Store your user Locale in session with LocaleSession

Finally, the core Tapestry components have been re skinned to fit better in any application.

Please have a look at our online Demo and at the Getting Started documentation to learn how to setup and use our components in 2 minutes !

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