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C++11 containers with "structures of arrays" or "arrays of structures" memory layout.
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The library can be used to create containers of objects with a
"structures of arrays" or "arrays of structures of arrays" memory
layout. Such a layout is known to be beneficial for SIMD instructions
(like SSE2, AVX, etc.). Currently, we test performance with ICC and
see such benefits in many cases. However, there is no guarantee that
the compiler of your choice indeed creates efficient code based on the
data layout created by this library for your specific applications.

Please edit to reflect the location of this library, and
then make sure that you load

The library is currently tested with ICC 14.0 and GCC 4.8. For ICC,
the headers of GCC 4.6 are needed.

Unfortuantely, there is no documentation available at the
moment. Please refer to the examples and unit tests to get an idea how
to use this library.

Use the forum at for
discussions. You need a Google account to subscribe through the forum
URL. You can also subscribe without a Google account by sending an
email to
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