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Virtual Schemas

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Exasol Virtual Schemas are an abstraction layer that makes external data sources accessible in our data analytics platform through regular SQL commands. The contents of the external data sources are mapped to virtual tables which look like and can be queried as any regular Exasol table.

Regardless of whether that source is a relational database like ours, or it's like the structure of GitHub repositories, the interface that users see is always the same.

This means an user familiar with SQL will immediately feel at home when accessing remote data through Virtual Schemas.

Version Requirements

Virtual Schema Required Java Version Lifecycle
4.x.x 11 supported, active development
3.x.x 11 supported
2.x.x 9 discontinued
1.x.x 8 discontinued
Exasol Version Java Version Installed by Default in Language Container
6.2 11
6.1 9
6.0 8

Note that you can update Exasol 6.0.x and 6.1.x with script language containers version 2019-11-26 or newer in order to get Java 11 support. We recommend the updating Exasol installation to at least 6.2.3 or newer for best results.

Please do not try to install language containers with lower Java versions on newer Exasol installations. This is untested.

Please contact the Exasol Support Team if you need help upgrading the language container.

Deprecation Warning

Please use the entry point


in all your CREATE JAVA ADAPTER SCRIPT statements. The old entry point was removed with the Version 2.0.0 of Exasol's Virtual Schema.


Customer Support

This is an open source project which is officially supported by Exasol. For any question, you can contact our support team.

Table of Contents

Information for Users

Virtual Schemas support 16 different SQL dialects, from OpenSource databases like PostgreSQL to commercial products like Oracle. Please refer to the user-guide for a full list of supported SQL dialects

Information for Developers


Run Time Dependencies

Running the Virtual Schema requires a Java Runtime version 9 or later.

Dependency Purpose License
JSON-P JSON Processing CDDL-1.0
Exasol Script API Accessing Exasol features MIT License
Exasol Virtual Schema JDBC Common JDBC functions for Virtual Schemas adapters MIT License
JDBC driver(s), depending on data source Connecting to the data source Check driver documentation

Test Dependencies

Dependency Purpose License
Apache Maven Build tool Apache License 2.0
Apache Trift Need for Hive integration test Apache License 2.0
Exasol JDBC Driver JDBC driver for Exasol database MIT License
Exasol Testcontainers Exasol extension for the Testcontainers framework MIT License
HBase server The Hadoop database Apache License 2.0
Hive JDBC Driver JDBC driver for Hive database Apache License 2.0
Java Hamcrest Checking for conditions in code via matchers BSD License
JSONassert Compare JSON documents for semantic equality Apache License 2.0
JUnit Unit testing framework Eclipse Public License 1.0
Mockito Mocking framework MIT License
MySQL JDBC Driver JDBC driver for MySQL database GNU GPL Version 2.0
Oracle JDBC Driver JDBC driver for Oracle database Oracle Technology Network License
PostgreSQL JDBC Driver JDBC driver for PostgreSQL database BSD-2-Clause License
Testcontainers Container-based integration tests MIT License

Maven Plug-ins

Plug-in Purpose License
Maven Compiler Plugin Setting required Java version Apache License 2.0
Maven Exec Plugin Executing external applications Apache License 2.0
Maven Enforcer Plugin Controlling environment constants Apache License 2.0
Maven GPG Plugin Code signing Apache License 2.0
Maven Failsafe Plugin Integration testing Apache License 2.0
Maven Javadoc Plugin Creating a Javadoc JAR Apache License 2.0
Maven Jacoco Plugin Code coverage metering Eclipse Public License 2.0
Maven Source Plugin Creating a source code JAR Apache License 2.0
Maven Surefire Plugin Unit testing Apache License 2.0
Sonatype OSS Index Maven Plugin Checking Dependencies Vulnerability ASL2
Versions Maven Plugin Checking if dependencies updates are available Apache License 2.0


Main repository for the EXASOL virtual schemas framework (including the JDBC adapter)




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